Thursday, November 30, 2006



This letter was issued recently as a sample letter. Importantly it gives the contact
email for the consultation Saleem Patel at the end of the letter.

Dear resident/business
Controlled Parking in Herne Hill
Following requests from residents and our own findings in relation to parking congestion, we are investigating the possibility of implementing a controlled parking zone (CPZ) within the area enclosed by shaded red on the map printed overleaf.
We plan to undertake consultation on the controlled parking zone in two stages:
  1. The first stage will be to assess parking problems and to find out which residents and businesses in the area are interested in having a CPZ. Following this consultation, detailed design proposals for a CPZ will be drawn up.

  2. In insert date, a further consultation will take place with areas interested in having a CPZ to confirm whether or not they want to participate in the zone and to comment on the detailed design and operating times of the zone.
Please look at the enclosed information, enter your comments on the form and return it to us in the enclosed freepost envelope (no stamp required). The closing date for the consultation is insert date. Please note that your response to this survey (which is analysed on a street by street basis) may determine whether or not you are included in the area to be consulted in the next round of consultation. It is worth considering when you fill out the questionnaire that even if you have no parking problems now, if adjacent streets are included in any new zone, the resulting parking displacement may affect you in the future.
Thank you in advance for filling in the questionnaire. If you have any queries about the proposals or questionnaire, please call the Consultation Officer, Saleem Patel on 020 7926 8989 or email at

Yours sincerely

Chris Roberts-Wray T&
Principal CPZ Engineer Telephone: 020 7926 9000

If you would like any of this information in large print, Braille, audiotape or any language, please contact 020 7926 0145

Meeting of the

Meeting of the
Community- Police Consultative Group for Lambeth

6:30 p.m.

5 December 2006


Waterloo Action Centre

14 Baylis Road



Proposals underconsideration for Controlled Parking Zone in an area bounded by Herne Hill/ Denmark Hill Northside/ Kings College/ Coldharbour Lane and Milkwood Road.

Proposed speed cushions for Herne Hill Road clos to St Saviours school
consultation docements and plans available from

On Tuesday 28th November, a spate of residential Burglaries occurred in Calton Avenue and Woodwarde Road.
Due to the actions of a local resident who called Police, a suspect was arrested in the course of committing one of these Burglaries. He was subsequently interviewed and fully admitted to being responsible for all three Burglaries. He was charged, remanded in custody and is currently awaiting trial.
We would also like to mention some good work by our PCSO's, Sheridan and Nathalie. Whilst on high visibility Anti-Robbery patrol in Red Post Hill on Wednesday 22nd November, a student informed them that he had witnessed a group of youths steal  an I-pod from a another schoolboy. They were given descriptions of the suspects and a short while later, Sheridan spotted three youths matching these descriptions.  Realising that they were being observed, the youths ran off towards Herne Hill.  Sheridan and Nathalie gave chase, whilst calling for local units to assist them. One of the suspects was found, identified and arrested hiding in a nearby garden. He has subsequently been charged with this Robbery and other similar incidents are being put to him.  
With kind regards
Shaun Mulcahy 175MD

Monday, November 27, 2006


Hi Paul
Thanks for your email.  I was just looking on the Herne hill forum, and notice the section for Scams.  Last Friday Night, a young man knock at my door, stating he was from British Gas, and he was wanted to know if I had a key meter, and if so he wanted my key number.  I told him, if he was who he said he was, he would know what services I had, then I closed the door.  I then rang British Gas and reported the incident, they said, that they had not sent anyone out to my address.  Not sure what they can do with the Ky Number, but you may want to warning people in the area.

Kind Regards



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Peter  Bradely

Sunday, November 26, 2006


1.  Brixton Christmas Lights and related, 1st December:  If you want to be on the guest list for the VIP gathering after the lights are switched on next Friday evening, RSVP promptly to Chris Sipidias on 020 7926 1097 or

2.  Nelson Mandela's visit to Brixton, 1996:  BBC TV plan to film some material on this locally, I think mainly to prepare an obituary in advance, as the newspapers do.  If anyone attended the visit (hosted at the Recreation Centre) and is willing to reminisce or comment on film, contact Chris Sipidias as above, or direct to Sarah Parrish at BBC News, 020 8624 8506 X48506 or

3.  Trams coming to Brixton?: Looking 10 years forward instead of back, outline proposals for the Cross-River Tram are now on our website.  I would be glad to receive comments so we can feed them back to TfL by end January. 

4. Central Square project planning:  Leon Kreitzman and I attended on Thursday morning for both the "spatial" and "social" working groups.  I will try to finish and circulate notes shortly.

5. Civic Trust Seminar, 12 December:  the Civic Trust is holding a free seminar on local group's involvement in environmental issues at the TCPA.  I have booked already, but if anyone else is interested, info is attached.

6. Newsletter deadline:  Last possible date for anything to reach me for including in our next Newsletter is 15 December, but a week or two earlier would be much appreciated.


Alan Piper,
Hon. Secretary, The Brixton Society.



present Shaun Kidell, Head of Parks (SK)
Lee Hills Parks Officer ( LH)
Hamish McLaughlan HLF Project Officer ( HM)
Derek Hoare Chair of Mac ( DH)
Laura Morland Chair of FOBP (LM)
Todd Strehlow Vice chair MAC (TS)
Ann Kingsbury Secretary BPMAC) ( AK)

1. Intros
2. Confirmation of Governance
the following people are to be included on BP Steering Group correspondence
Derek Hoare, Laura Morland, Todd Strehlow, Ann Kingsbury, Ben Benson treasurer.
Confirmed that Paul Reynolds and Nick Pond are no longer members of Mac Executive.
HM will arrange a project Board meeting for early in the new year agenda to be developed closer to the time.
Steering group to forward comments on draft Job descriptions to HM by Monday 20th Nov.. HM to review and update both JD's ready for wider circulation through the BPMAC.

SK explained likely process for appointing both position.
1 confirm JDs amongst the group
2.Send JDs to Lambeth Human resources for grading ( leading up to Christmas)
3.Advertise posts early in New year.
4.Interview and appoint Jan/Feb
5. Person in post March

4 Communications and Widening Stakeholder Base
HM to send steering group
1. HLF award letter
2 project costs and partnership funding spreadsheet
3. HLF Summary of Brockwell project

DH noted that a commitment had previously been made by the Project Board to allocate £2,500 to producing a youth audit an audit about youth and made by youth
( Lambeth Youth Forum)

5. Stage 2 Consultants
HM noted that a waiver of Lambeth's procurement guidelines had been sought in order to retain the services of LUC through the development phase ( preparation of stage 2 application)
TS to forward examples of development phase briefs to HM

6. Next meeting week commencing 19th December

Phase 3- Non eligible costs
At BPMAC meeting on Monday 21st HM will present the current status of HLF conditions on this matter and the proposed method of addressing this- likely to involve forming BPMAC subgroup specifically to deal with sports and play.

SK is currently discussing the requirements of Cleanaway in regards to Brockwell dedicated site depot.
It was agreed that this was an important issue that requires detailed attention.


SK updated the group on recent meetings and Highways intention to pursue with the latest design
DH noted that the BPMAC had not been consulted on the latest junction designs
Dh to write a letter to Lib Peck outlining the BPMACS concerns over the current
junction proposals.


SK noted that Andrew Ormston Head of Leisure and Arts and Neil Isaacs head of service have undertake to progress the Whippersnappers matter

Dh would like Lambeth to ensure the letter from David Lawrence to Whippersnappers is taken into consideration in resolving the matter.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Lido is at present undergoing a major reconstruction and the plan is to open for next Summer. The Friends of the Lido- BLU ( click above for details ) are planning several events. To Help with this local residents can purchase an old brick from the
original structure opened in 1937 for £5. go to for full details. contact details are on the Brockwell Lido users website.


proposal to create speed cushions on Herne Hill road to enhance road safety
for pedstrians close to St Saviour's school.
The plan is to enhance the present Pelican crossing to inbclude a speed cushion
and three other cushions in the approaches
please email for map and questionnaire

credit for this to Susy Hogarth Friends of Brockwell Park

Sunday, November 19, 2006


As Kennedy's pie shop closes  after  trading in Railton Road for  80 years
to add yet another  empty unit to the central shopping area, pportunites arise at the  site of the former BP petrol station  and soon the sorting office closing in April . there is an opportunity for the community to come up with a list of aspirations for this area.
What you would you like to see. How about   multi storey building  with shops offices , flats and  public services..... a great place for a library
The Forum is pushing for a plan for the area.
views expressed are individual  lets have more


anounced award  of over £300,000 for community bids to help create a Safer Greeen Cleaner community. Awards included  £8,000  for improvements to Carlton Parade
( shops at top of Herne Hill)  and Goose Green Roundabout .
The  Council also had   £35k  to award for community  projects.
Herne Hill Society   £750  for  sound equipment for meetings
Herne Hill Forum    £1500  for outreach youth work  and  meeting costs.
Dulwich Festival  £4k
Friends of Duwlcih Park  £4.5k for summer Festival

Forum Committee

Notes from the recent Herne Hill Forum meeting: 14/11/06.
committee meeting.
Funding bidssuccessful so far:
£1,520 from Lambeth - possibly via Community Chest. This is to carry out outreach work for hard-to-reach sections of the community to involve them in Forum projects.
£5,000 from Lambeth - possibly via Match/Partnership. This is to prepare a business case and funding applications for the town centre champion and associated resources.
£1,000 from Lambeth Town Centre office for ongoing funding between now and March 2007.
Hot news: Last night we won an award of £1,400 from Southwark Community Chest to carry out outreach work with young people to involve them in community issues and the Forum.
Mary raised the idea of working with the young people on the Lido 70th Birthday Party project.
Mary will also meet with Whippersnappers to discuss their involvement in youth and elderly community outreach work.
Popular Youth Club have put in a proposal to engage with young people to get them involved in the Forum work. Those present thought that it would be good to proceed with this - estimated budget around £600.
Yvonne mentioned a project to do a mural in the pedestrian tunnel under Herne Hill station - thoughts?
Junction update: In theory (and if pigs fly - Ed) a tranche of money will be available for a design consultant for the project. The design now includes a cycle lane from Norwood Road to Dulwich Road. Estimated project cost is now around £1.7M. It was also suggested that Living Streets be involved to do an audit of the area and be involved in the detail design - street furniture, layout, aesthetics etc. A budget would be necessary for this as part of the design fee.
Post sorting office - looks certain to be moved to Camberwell. Jenny has volunteered to lobby on behalf of the Forum on this one. However, every group, individual should also write in etc - street associations, clubs, traders etc. Sainsbury's say that they have no interest in the site at present. Contact details: Mandy Wombwell, Royal Mail Headquarters, 5th Floor, 148 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HQ.
Efforts are being made to see if in any future plans for the Garage site that they would include some right of way for pedestrians and cyclists as part of the junction plan.
It is a possibility that with the review of Area Committees we will lose all our support and funding from Lambeth. Jackie Meldrum (deputy leader) was unable to confirm that resource and support would still be available after March 2007. I suggest we lobby our local councillors about this - we cannot survive on a hand to mouth existence by applying for discretionary grants all the time.
The issue of comms was raised - improving our blogspot, producing an electronic newsletter etc. This would include training for maintenance etc. I am looking in to sources of grants for all of this. Let us know your thoughts on this - how we do it, what we are after etc.
The Norwood Road regeneration project needs a champion/group. John volunteered to be part of it - any others?
Next public Forum meeting is now February 1st. It will be back at the Baptist Church Hall - Half Moon Lane. The Carnegie Library was felt to be a better venue for the warmer Summer months than the cold of February (climate change willing).
Needed urgently:
We need to split some of the workload of the committee. I would really appreciate it if someone could volunteer to co-ordinate the committee meetings and public meetings. This would simply be sorting out suitable dates and booking the venue. The provisional meeting dates need to be checked for obvious clashes (Lambeth and Southwark council meetings) and other august bodies such as HH Society. It can all be done by e-mail etc. The role does not include any on-site work for putting out the chairs or similar. A simple but really useful role. Any offers?
Our next evening committee meeting is on the 12th - venue to be decided
To infinity and beyond....

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Please be aware that deliveries of the next edition of  the Yellow Pages telephone directory will commence on the 18th December 2006 in  the  SE21, SE24, SE5, SE22 and SE27 post codes. Could you please be vigilant for neighbours who may be away from home and pass this information on.
Many thanks


October swimming - would you?
Followinf from  BLU  Newsletter.

Since sending out our November news letter, we have had some enquiries from people unable to find the survey on an extended swimming season on our web site.

Jeremy, Fusion?s Lido Manager, is conducting the survey to assess support for a longer season. We would welcome responses from swimmers as to whether you would make use of an extended season or not. Remember the Lido must be self-financing so only say yes if you really would make good use of the extra time.

The survey can be found here.

Links to the survey, our last news letter, activity timetables and othe current news can be found on the front page of our web site at

Brockwell Lido Users (BLU)

e-mail: Web site:
Post:Brockwell Lido Users, P O Box 27857, London, SE24 9YP

PaulReynolds Information on Herne Hill &         (junction plan) and quarterly Newsletter.       

42 bus latest

42 bus latest....

The long-running saga of the extension to the southern end of the 42 service continues (saga long-running, bus still short-running) but there are promising signs that a solution to a suitable terminus may be close.
The original short extension to North Dulwich station (as originally promoted by many residents and very much by several Committee Members of the Herne Hill Forum) will not take place, not least because this very popular bus often has double-deckers on the route: these could not negotiate the low bridge in Village Way).
Thus an extension from Sunray Avenue, via North Dulwich station, the new Dulwich hospital, Lordship Lane (to serve the many traders there) and on to Sainsbury's as a turn-round point is the option favoured by many, and among possibilities now under review.
TfL are examining the business case, bearing in mind that the cost of at least one extra bus will be needed. This is currently a very reliable service and it will be essential that there is no slippage in reliability. When the new Sainsbury's store-extension takes place in early 2007, improved bus facilities are planned.
This column, which forecasts that this bus will eventually be a double-decker, will publish further news as soon it is available.





Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Many issues  including the MAC's and FRIENDS  position on the Herne Hill Junction
There will be a meeting of the Brockwell Park Management Advisory Committee on Monday 20th November at 7.15 in the Tenants' Hall on the Peabody Estate, Rosendale Road.

The Estate is at at the Herne Hill end of Rosendale Road, between the two railway bridges and opposite the parade of shops.  Walk or drive into the estate and go straight down to the war memorial, then turn right and the hall is set back between cottages 115 and 116. 


Meets at Half Moon Lane Baptist church  7pm  to decide on bids for the £300k
Cleaner Greener Safer budget and  £35K COMMUNITY FUND

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Quality Sundays in Lambeth markets

06 November 2006
Lambeth Markets are supporting a new market initiative called "Quality Sundays" which is being coordinated in partnership with a local Lambeth resident.
Quality Sundays launches in Brixton on 5 November 2006 (located at the Brixton Road end of Electric Avenue) and will be running every Sunday until 24 December 2006. The new Sunday market will offer a range of products sold by local people. There will be an eclectic mix of gourmet foods and crafts which will be available from 10am to 4pm every Sunday.
Why not visit Quality Sundays this week to buy your delicious homemade bread, French jams, cakes and chocolates, as well as Afro-Caribbean arts and crafts?
To make an enquiry about Quality Sundays, or if you are interesting in trading at Quality Sundays, please call the Markets Office on 020 7926 3138.
above article  taken from LambethCouncil website


Thanks to Mike Colvin who has pointed out that the  particular scam where  a premium line to arrange collection is called, has been closed   down by the regulator. Please see previous article for regulator details.

Friday, November 10, 2006


You may receive a card through your letter box from a firm  called Delivery Service suggesting they were unable to deliver a parcel, and could you call a number    0906 6611***  THI IS A PREMIUM RATE NUMBER BASE IN BELIZE AND IF YOU CONNECT YOU ARE ALREADY CHARGED  £15.00.
iF YOU DO RECEIVE A CARD  PLEASE  CONCT ROYAL MAIL FRAUD  on 7239 6655  or premium rate service regulator.
Thanks to Rodney P for this information.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Operation Freshview moves on to Herne Hill

08 November 2006
Operation Freshview in actionHERNE Hill will become the next ward to benefit from major improvements when staff involved in ?Operation Freshview? get to work in the area on Tuesday November 14.
A 200 strong team of staff from Lambeth Council, the police, the fire brigade, Cleanaway, TfL and other partners will be in the ward in a day of concerted action designed to improve the environment and address community safety issues.

?Operation Freshview? will see teams tackling graffiti and grime, removing street clutter, cutting back hedges and talking to residents face to face about local issues and how the area could be improved.

Staff from the council, police, fire brigade and other partners will be based by the entrance to Brockwell Park on Dulwich Road all day to meet local people, discuss local issues and provide information on local services. People visiting the ?roadshow? will be able to register for a free fire safety survey of their home by London Fire Brigade, as well as receiving a free smoke alarm.

Cllr Lib Peck, Lambeth Council?s Cabinet member for environment and culture, said:

?By working together with the police and other partners we are making a real, lasting difference to some of the more deprived areas of the borough. Operation Freshview has been a tremendous success in other parts of the borough and I am sure it will be just as successful in Herne Hill.

?I would really encourage people to come and visit the Freshview roadshow on the day at the Brockwell Park entrance on Dulwich Road. It is a great opportunity for people to talk face to face with council staff and police about local issues of concern, as well as getting useful information on a whole range of local services.?

The clean up in Herne Hill ward is the third phase of Operation Freshview, and follows the successful days of action in Coldharbour in September and Prince?s in October.

Successes in previous operations included issuing a number of on the spot £75 fines to litter louts, enforcement action taken against shops for not disposing of waste correctly, graffiti blitzed and hedges cut back, and arrests by police in relation to immigration, dangerous weapons and burglary, and a number of bags of pirated and illegal goods confiscated.

If you are a resident and you want to know more information, please contact the Streetcare Service Centre on 020 7926 9000 or email
If your organisation is interested in supporting Operation Freshview, please contact Keith Naish, Freshview Project Manager on 020 7926 0534 or email


THE MYSTERIES of the road called HERNE HILL

The pavements and carriageway have now been replaced / resurfaced more or less on schedule, and first reactions of shopkeepers and residents are very favourable.
Mystery a) Who owns the fallen tardis-likemobile toilet close to Hollingbourne Road? (Of course I don't mean Dr Who owns etc..)
2. The X68
This column has always championed a northbound stop at Herne Hill for this express route non-stop to Waterloo, as it is a fact that the buses are not full at this point. There is also no direct train service. As there is no such stop the question was continually asked: why does it need to come through Herne Hill Junction at all? Mystery b) Have you noticed the route has pretty well gone missing from the road called Herne Hill? Three were seen in Brixton yesterday plus a couple in Tulse Hill. You hear these things here first.


Thursday 23 November 7pm onwards,
at Room 8, Lambeth Town Hall, SW2

Connect up with local people to DO WHAT IS NECESSARY
Reduce Carbon emissions
Spread the word
Support each other
Climate Action Groups already formed:
  1. Local Renewable Energy

  2. Voluntary Carbon Rationing

  3. Planning and Development

  4. Screenings and Exhibitions

  5. Education, Direct Action and Fundraising.
Bring questions, ideas, worries, friends, family, biscuits,
goodwill, energy, your local councillor...

Hurry, we don't have much time!
To learn more contact Duncan Law,, 07958 635181



Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Xmas events in Brixt

X-mas events in Brixton

Brixton Area Forum and Brixton Area committee…. to be replaced?
30th November at 7pm venue TBC
Have your say on the Council’s proposals about Brixton Area Forum and Brixton Area Committee.  The proposal is to replace Area Committees with Area Assemblies and to expect forums and other groups to work more independently.  What do you think?  Come along to the meeting and tell us.  For more information contact the Brixton Town Centre office on 020 7926 1097 or email  

Christmas Lights
The event takes place in the Tate Library Gardens (outside Brixton Library) on Friday December 1st at 4.00 – 6.00 p.m., with the lights being swiched on at 5.00 p.m. There will be entertainment of all kinds to celebrate the annual switch on.  It’s free so come along and join us on the day.  If you would like more information please contact the Brixton Town Centre Office on 0207 926 1077 or email Organised and funded by Brixton Society, Friends of Tate Gardens, Lambeth Libraries, Brixton Town Centre, Brixton Area Committee, Brixton Area Forum and Morleys.  

Peace and Light Celebration
21st December at 4-8pm
Lantern making workshops will be held at Lambeth Tate Library on 3rd, 10th and 17th December from 12pm until 4pm. These workshops are free and suitable for accompanied children aged 6yrs and over. Senior citizens workshops will be held at the Vilda Walsh Centre, Saulton Road, although dates and times have yet to be confirmed.

Anyone interested in making lanterns, singing songs for Peace or being part of the entertainments, and joining in to supporting this event please contact Sarah Slater
0207652 3000

Brixton Market Mambo
Workshops for children, street performances and healthy eating suggestions. Open public workshops for this takes places on Station Rd. on 11th, 18th and 25th November with processions with recycled musical instruments on December 2nd, 9th and 16th, ending up at Tate Gardens, outside Brixton Library.  Time, from 1 p.m. onwards.  Anyone interested in supporting or joining this family or submitting a recipe with healthy eating suggestion please contact Sarah Slater 0207 652 3000

Sunday market
Gourmet food, arts and crafts to the centre of Brixton on Sundays through November and up to Christmas. Opening times will be 10am to 4pm.
There will be Flowerpowercity, experts in baking wonderful breads and pastries, alongside Dark Sugars the great Chololatier, who both trade in Borough market throughout the year. There will also be some French produce stalls selling a range of luxury jams and honeys, pates, terrines, cassoulets and saucisson.   As well as some of the usual friendly faces who trade in Brixton market.

Brixton Area Committee
December 6th at 7.30 pm at the Karibu Centre. Theme is Community Safety and Crime.  Come and find out more about initiatives to tackle crime in Brixton and how successful they have been.


Please see the agenda for next Town Centre Forum meeting. Please also find attached the minutes of the last meeting and initiatives in Brixton taking place in December.
Monday 20 November, 7pm, Karibu Centre, Gresham Road opposite Brixton Police Station
Very Important:
Information and your say on:
Town Centre Regeneration and Council?s accommodation strategy
Presentation and consultation by Colm Lacey, programme manager for town centre regeneration, on the next steps for Central Square and concluding what started out as the ?Revitalise? process. The idea is for BAF?s Town Centre Forum to be the lead consultation partner for proposals concerning various premises and community assets over a series of meetings ending next April.
?Communities First? Stop Press: A Council paper proposing the future replacement of the Brixton Area Forum and Brixton Area Committee with a new town centre consultation structure involving community organisations and ward councillors next April has just come out. Details of the paper and BAF?s initial response will be available at the meeting. Meanwhile, we should have news by then on when you can put your views directly to those making the proposals.
A special public meeting will be convened on 30th November, 7pm to discuss this item further.
SLAM  Drug & Alcohol Service
Presentation by Mick Collins from the Stockwell Project getting your views on future plans for the Brighton Terrace project.
Brady?s/Railway Pub
Presentation on one of several proposals for the premises, to develop it as a community venue.
And a brief update on Planning and enforcement matters from previous meetings and work towards a future meeting to address them.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Hybrid  bus coming soon to London Bridge
The Mayor of London poses with the new bus at City Hall
The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone this week unveiled the first hybrid double-decker bus in the world at City Hall.
Hybrid buses, which use a combination of diesel and electric power, are part of the Mayor's long-term goal of a low carbon hydrogen-based transport system.
a cleaner, greener public transport network for Southwark
"Hybrid vehicles can make a real contribution to a cleaner, greener public transport network for Southwark and for the rest of the capital," says Ken Livingstone.
"Bus manufacturers and operators now need to rise to this challenge to make this economically and financially feasible."
London's transport commissioner Peter Hendy added: "Transport for London currently has six single-deck hybrid buses operating on route 360 in London, from Elephant & Castle to Kensington and is actively pursuing the development and increased deployment of hybrid buses on London's bus network."
The Hybrid double-decker bus has been built by Wrights of Ballymena. It will go into service on route 141 from London Bridge to Wood Green at the end of November.
Three zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell buses operate on route RV1 along the SE1 riverside.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

lido news

This year...great! Busy, buzzy, relaxed?
Enter the Lido from Dulwich Road steps - Whippersnappers reception is housed in the recently excavated spectators? ticket office, also the way in for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation - the usual varied, seven-days-a-week all-year-round programme ( timetable on BLU web site). Try the park side to view the building site. Awesome! But it?s almost on schedule, just a small glitch when Thames Water arrived on time but encountered a problem when switching to the new main. Lido works continue and Thames have committed to complete the works shortly.


an excellent, lively, well attended meeting.
Thanks to 3 Fusion staff, Peter Kay (Chief Executive), Carl Bentley (operations manager) and new Lido Manager Jeremy Lake as well as Lambeth Officer, Paul Harvey who were there to update Lido plans, hear comments and suggestions from users and answer questions.
Positives from AGM floor included: good value season tickets; all staff fantastic; 6.45 opening and late closing appreciated; great food from the Beach Hut at reasonable prices.
Negatives included: short season; poor condition of Dulwich Road steps and floor of pool; low water level; prices; long queues; lack of signs explaining building plans to public.
Wishlist included: bring back barbeques; longer hours and season; all-year-round café; cleaner changing rooms; more bike provision; fast track entry for season ticket holders; involve more young people; be sure to invest in pool machinery.
Comments collated by Yvonne Levy were discussed with Lambeth and Fusion in October?s Lido Steering meeting.

Action so far on issues raised
Paul Harvey promises that Lambeth will repair Lido steps. Prices and hours will be on agenda for December Lido Steering meeting. Pool had 3 new pumps in 2005 and only needs minor work on valves. This and repairs to pool surfaces to be done before re-opening. Fusion is making a storyboard for park users. We will monitor progress.

Lido 70th Birthday in 2007 Following ideas exchanged at the AGM a working group has met several times and will shortly be contacting other volunteers. Projects include: a book of the Lido (past, present and future) based on interviews with users and others; Exhibition (images of the Lido 1937 to 2007) for the Lambeth Country Show; poetry events; swimming gala; celebration party; performance (7 decades at the Lido through dance, drama, music and fashion by Whippersnappers working with secondary schools). If you have memories or photos of the Lido you want to share to help with the book please contact BLU.

BLU has received £1000 Community Chest grant from Lambeth to cover initial research. Further funding is being sought.

October swimming - would you?
Jeremy, Fusion?s Lido Manager, is doing a survey to assess support for a longer season (enclosed). Please return form to BLU. Remember the Lido must be self-financing so only say yes if you really would make good use of the extra time.

BLU bricks (mostly red) from the Lido will be sold in aid of the 70th celebrations at Friends of Brockwell Park Christmas Bazaar, Sunday, December 3rd, 11 to 3pm at Brockwell Hall or contact BLU to reserve your brick and arrange pick up time. If you missed out on the Berlin Wall, now?s your chance! (bring a strong bag). £5 per brick

For your cultural calendar:
The Lido will feature in Julian Fox?s show at Battersea Arts Centre 14th Nov - 10th Dec. Concessions for BLU members. See here for the flyer.

City Swimmers, Margaret Dickenson?s film, celebrates open water swimming and the campaign for Hampstead Heath Ponds. Renoir Cinema, 10.30am 12th November, London Socialist Film Co-op 020 7837 1177

I used the Lido 20 times this year?

Brockwell Lido Users (BLU)

e-mail: Web site:
Post:Brockwell Lido Users, P O Box 27857, London, SE24 9YP

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Taken this weekend by Suzy Hogarth in Brockwell Park.

See Suzy's range of Brockwell Park Christmas Cards at

Wednesday, November 01, 2006



We are looking for 2-3 additional memebrs to play an active role in communituy matters and possibly take a role in a specific policy area.
The new Shakespeare Acdemy needs a champion to support Jean Bergin
and also someone to examine the planning lists issued by Lambeth and Southwark to examine them for impact on Herne Hill.


In April and May next year an exciting new festival is being launched in Southwark. A boy in red school uniform has his head down, and is working on a report at the Tate.

Southwark Disabilities Festival will showcase an exciting range of sports and creative works from local disabled artists, and those from farther afield, at venues across the borough.

The festival steering group is holding a competition to create a name and logo for the festival. The competition is open to people who live, work and study in Southwark.

How to enter

Your entry should offer a festival name that is short, catchy, fresh, exciting and optimistic.

The logo should be eye-catching and easily identifiable. Consideration should be given to using the logo in black and white.

The creator of the chosen logo and name will win £200 worth of vouchers to be spent at various retailers or a prize sponsored by a local business.

Entry deadline is October 31 2006.

Entries must be sent to Anila Ladwa, events development officer

By post or hand delivery to:
Southwark events team
15 Spa Road
London SE16 3QW

By email to:
By fax to: 020 7525 1529, for the attention of Anila Ladwa

Contact us

Anila Ladwa
Southwark events team
020 7525 1006
15 Spa Road
SE16 3QW


You are invited to the launch  party of the new edition at Mango Landing Water Lane  Sunday 5th November 2-5pm
By local artist  Clare Skilbeck.


cards and more at

The Fayre is on Sunday 3rd December from 11am - 3pm and will be held upstairs at BROCKWELL HALL . There will be gifts and cards from FRIENDS OF BROCKWELL PARK, Community Greenhouses, the Lido and local writers.

A6 size car with envelope 50p each
A5 size card with envelope £1.each

order from quote HHF on order
Proceeds to Friends of Brockwell Park no charge for local orders
To see enlargement of these cards go to
and scan the images.

Brockwell Park Manag

Brockwell Park Management Advisory Committee

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Monday 9th October 2006

Cllr Clare Whelan, Cllr Kirsty McHugh, Cllr Jim Dickson,
Organisations represented: Tulse Hill Estate Tenant’s and Resident’s Association, Friends of Brockwell Park, South London Botanical Institute, Peabody Trust, Whippersnappers, Herne Hill Society, Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses, Rosendale School, Fusion, Brixton Society, Herne Hill Forum, Brixton Waterlane Society, Springfield Stradella Residents, Brockwell Park Youth Project, 198 Gallery, Brockwell Tennis Players, St Matthew’s Project, Norwood Road Resident’s Association, Norwood Forum, Brockwell Gate Residents, Brockwell Lido Users’10 members of the public/local residents.  55 people signed in.  

Apologies for absence:
Todd Strehlow, Sebastian Kraemer, Hamish McLauchlan, Ellette Francis, Katya & Anthony Lester, Cllr Irene Kimm, Zoe Burt, Brixton BMX Club.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:The minutes of the 2005 AGM were agreed.  The Secretary reported that an application for charitable status was ongoing.

  2. Election of the voting members of the public:The six voting members of the public were elected from eight nominees: Sebastian Kraemer (nominated by Laura Morland)  5 votesYvonne Levy (nominated by Mary Hill)  7 votes Diane Skidmore (nominated by Ann Kingsbury)  16 votes  - electedJared Thomas (nominated by Orlando Clark)  17 votes - elected Susy Hogarth (nominated by Noshir Patel)  17 votes -electedAlex Machin (nominated by Laura Morland)  19 votes  - electedMary Hill (nominated by Ann Kingsbury)  23 votes  - elected   Cathy Warren (nominated by Susy Hogarth)  24 votes – elected

  3. Notification of the voting members of the Friends of Brockwell ParkThe meeting was notified that the following were the voting representatives of FoBP: Laura Morland, Dean Littler, Noshir Patel, Jenny Ford Saville, Robert Holden and Michael Boyle.

  4. Chair’s Annual ReportThe Chair spoke to his written report, which had been circulated. He told the meeting that the HLF had agreed £4.5m for the refurbishment of the Park, which was a great achievement for everyone involved. Around £196,000 would be available for Stage 2 consultations. The MAC should be proud of all that it had done. The positive HLF response was a testament to the MAC’s commitment. As Chair he had been greatly helped by many members of the MAC and others, and wished to thank, in particular Cllr Clare Whelan, his Vice-Chair, Nic Pond and Laura Morland (EC co-optee) and Ann Kingsbury (MAC Secretary).

  5. Vice-Chair’s reportThe Vice-Chair, Nic Pond reported that after two years as the Vice-Chair of the MAC, he was stepping down because of work commitments and having moved out of the area. He had enjoyed his time as Vice-Chair and thought that the HLF project was extremely valuable.  He was now moving on to become ecological regeneration manager for Greenscene in Lewisham. He wished to thank everyone he had worked with in the MAC and commended the drive and commitment of the Chair, Derek Hoare as one of the important factors in the success of the Bid. He also thanked Lambeth councillors and officers and members of the MAC EC.

  1. Treasurer’s report A written report and audited accounts were presented.  There was a brief explanation by Paul Reynolds that these funds were separate from the HLF Bid and comprised money from a start-up grant from Lambeth and funds raised by the Five Parks Walk and the Big Feast.  These were to be used for promoting community events in the Park.The accounts were accepted.

  1. Election of officersCouncillor Jim Dickson took the chair for the elections.Election of Chair:  Derek Hoare (nominated by Nic Pond, Max Warner and Douglas Whitton, seconded by Noshir Patel) was re-elected unopposed. Paul Hill (nominated by Whippersnappers, seconded by) had withdrawn before the AGM.Vice-Chair:  Todd Strehlow (nominated by Susy Hogarth, seconded by Nic Pond) was elected as vice chair, unopposed. Secretary:  Ann Kingsbury (nominated by John Brunton, seconded by Andy Walker) was re-elected as secretary, unopposedTreasurer:  There were no nominations for treasurer.  Paul Reynolds did not wish to serve. Laurence Benson (Brixton Waterlane Society) volunteered to serve as treasurer and this was agreed by the meeting.

  1. Brockwell Community EventsAndy Walker spoke to the paper summarising the role of the Brockwell Community Events subcommittee. He explained that the purpose of the subcommittee was to mitigate the difficulties faced by small community groups wanting to run events in the Park. Through the subcommittee community groups would be able to apply for funds to support their activities and would be covered for public liability (required by Lambeth for any event in the Park) by the MAC’s insurance policy.The AGM approved the setting up of the subcommittee.  Andy Walker was thanked by the Chair for all he had done for the Five Parks Walk and in setting up the proposals for BCE.

  1. ResolutionsMary Hill proposed the following resolution:The meeting commends the excellent work done to date by the BPMAC HLF committee in bringing the Lottery Bid to such an advanced stage. However, the next stage takes us closer to implementation and demands that a number of important decisions be made that will influence the park for many years to come. We recommend that a temporary working group be established by this meeting to review the structures and processes for consulting and making decisions about the HLF Bid.  The brief of the committee should be to recommend a process to- allow for greater sharing of the enlarged scope of the work- improve communications between the stakeholders, the committee and the Project Board- to ensure that the differing opinions on controversial issues are presented clearly to the   decision-makers and that the decision-making process is transparent.The committee would circulate recommendations to all stakeholders and ask for comments and a vote should be taken at an EGM at the earliest opportunity”The Chair proposed that the meeting should note the resolution and take action on it; this was carried. It was agreed that Todd Strehlow, the Vice-Chair, would be asked to convene the sub-committee. Interested parties were asked to put their names down to be included.Following the resolution, there was a brief discussion of some constitutional issues.  It was agreed to return to these at another meeting.

The Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting.

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