Sunday, April 30, 2006


Local report from Peter Bradley that the Fire brigade were called out to Brockwell Hall this evening at 8.10 -stayed only for 10 mins ..

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Following the incidents in the Fridge reported last Saturday the notices outside state thate the Fridge is closed for refurbishment.



We regret to announce that the South London Urban Green Fair, which was due to take place the weekend of 17th and 18th June in Brockwell Park, Lambeth has been cancelled. This denies Lambeth and South London residents a public and ticket-free ‘sustainable living’ event promoting green lifestyles in the coming age of ‘peak oil’ - diminishing yet more expensive supplies of fossil fuel. The reason the organisers have taken this decision is that we are unable to comply with Lambeth Council’s interpretation of the new licencing laws and it’s decision to demand fencing around any free event of 2000 people or more in Lambeth. The Parks Department of Lambeth Council has demanded the erection of a 1.2 kilometer, 8ft ‘Heras’ fence around the Urban Green Fair in the already fenced Brockwell Park. The organisers are against the ethos of fences at free events, which look ugly, serve little purpose and put people off by creating an impression of exclusion. The Lambeth Parks department are already charging the organisers £9,800 for use of the Brockwell Park to put on the first South London Urban Green Fair. The fence and extra gate staffing would add around £5,800 to the budget. Shane Collins, event licencee said ‘This interpretation of the new licencing laws by Lambeth Council has just made it a lot harder to put on free community events. This discriminates against not-for-profit community events in favour of commercial fenced, ticketed and exclusive events. We want the policy changed. ‘The fence issue has already caused the ‘Cuban Carnival’ to move out of Lambeth. Last year ‘Fair for Life’, a free event aiming to raise money for cancer relief ended up losing money due to the costs of a kilometer-long fence. They have not re-applied for an event this year. ‘Portugal Day’ in Kennington Park does not want the cost or the imposition of a fence. Of all the events in London Sustainability Week, of which the Urban Green Fair was due to be a part, we can find no other borough in London that would confine a green fair or free community event of 2,000 people or more to a fence. Why is Lambeth so different ? - ENDS -Contact: Urban Green Fair Community Interest Company Shane Collins 0208 671

Preparing for a post peak oil planet. Event Patrons: George Monbiot, author and journalist; Jenny Jones, London Assembly Member and Ex Deputy Mayor of London: Donnachadh McCarthy, author, campaigner and ex Deputy Chair of the Lib Dems; Peter Tatchell, Civil rights activist; Charles Secrett, ex Chair of FoE, advisor to the Mayor and GLA; Jeremy Leggett, author and director of Solar Century; Caroline Lucas, MEP; Colin Challen, MP; Dr Colin Campbell, Chair of ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas); Paul Allen, Development Director of Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT);Brian Eno; muscian and campaigner, Aubrey Meyer; Global Commons Institute,

Friday, April 28, 2006

Local elections - party statements on Forums


Thank you for your email below. For information, here are the links to the Conservative Manifesto, which may address your concerns.

From John Wheelan
[Extracts from the website]

Conservatives believe that councillors should be servants of the residents, not their rulers. So we have consistently championed local forums, grassroots democracy, and devolution.

We have strengthened Lambeth's five town centres – Brixton, Clapham & Stockwell, Streatham, Waterloo, and West Norwood. Consulting with residents, local service users and parents is a theme that runs throughout our manifesto, and we put our principles into practice.

In our next term of office, we will give greater support to organisations such as the Herne Hill Forum and look at ways of strengthening local democracy in areas such as Upper Norwood.

We will...

Enhance local decision-making and the accountability of councillors and council officers by:

Devolving more powers to allocate funding for local environmental, safety and transport schemes to Area Committees.

Creating a separate Clapham town centre grouping of wards to reflect community cohesion in that area of the borough.

Supporting and developing the continuation of local forums to work alongside the Council and other agencies.

Working to involve hard to reach groups in local forums across our diverse borough.

Demanding that officers working in town centre offices are fully accountable to elected members and that they work effectively with councillors and the wider community.

Ensuring that "Friends of" groups are properly consulted in decision-making, including when development plans are being drawn up.

Making sure that Christmas light displays in town centres remain Christmas lights.

LIB DEMS---------------------------------------------------------

My apologies for not coming back to you sooner. I have set out below the relevant section from the Liberal Democrat manifesto for these elections which sets out the Groups thoughts on local democracy, area committees, town centre offices and the area forums.

Lambeth's town centres

As Liberal Democrats we believe that decisions about specific communities like the town centres across the borough should be taken by the people who know the area best - the people living in that area. For many years Lambeth Labour was happy for the Council to make decisions about what happens in Streatham, Norwood, Stockwell, Clapham, Kennington, Vauxhall, Waterloo and Brixton. All too often this has meant that some areas, particularly those in the south of the borough, like Streatham were neglected and starved of investment. This of course caused local resentment.

Our answer was to build on the existing town centre structures by setting up area committees. One for each of the five town centres was set up with devolved powers and modest budgets to bring local people and councillors together to address small scale but long standing unresolved issues. In Norwood the area committee awarded capital funding to a number of local projects such as refurbishing Knights Hill Recreation Ground (Tivoli Park), contributing to the refurbishment of St Lukes graveyard and other environmental and traffic improvements. The area committees have also been able to hold the Council to account including covering transport and highways matters such as the bus lane in Streatham and amending the operating hours of the Thornton "R" CPZ.

With the significant improvements in Lambeth's finances and services over the last four years the Council is now at a point where the area committees can take on more responsibilities. This will mean a move away from the consultation which has been a considerable part of their work since they were established. However the area committees are not necessarily the best way for the Council to engage with local residents and consult them on their views. The area forums and other town centre bodies in many instances offer just as good routes to engage with local people, and we will improve the Council's communications and working with them in the next four years.

In the next four years the Liberal Democrats will: -

* Establish local town councils for your town centre by bringing
together the work of the area committees, town centre forums and town centre offices and devolving responsibilities and funding to these new town councils including giving them a role in resolving planning applications;
* Work with area forums and other town centre organisations so the
Council has better engagement with its local communities and improves Lambeth's consultation;
* Focus the work of the town centre offices on the projects and
priorities set by the Area Committees.

I hope this information is helpful. If you would like anything further please let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Norris
Head of the Liberal Democrat Office


Dear Nicholas,

Thank you for your e-mail. I can tell you that the work of the Brixton Area Forum is strongly supported by Labour Councillors and Candidates. The thrust of Lambeth Labour Group's policy on community engagement is to support, both financially and otherwise, existing community forums. That means Labour believes the council should be supporting thriving community based bodies like BAC, rather than setting up "council focused" bodies such as the Area Committees.

That is why in our manifesto Labour is pledging to give residents "a bigger say with neighbourhood panels focused on improving safety and the environment." The specific details of resourcing of Town Centre Offices and the Area Forums is still being considered, but I can assure you that Labour will ensure that these bodies are properly resourced and supported.

If you would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me again.


Gavin Edwards

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Policing in this ward is now reoraganised under the Safer Neighbourhoods team. PCs Ali Gelatley and Shaun Mulcahy are augmented by a dedicated ward sergeant and two PCSOs.


Apologies to Barbara Portwin and Kate Cinnamon whose names were omitted from the Labour address sent in by Michele Pearce.
They are both now included .

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

URBAN GREEN FAIR............

will not be coming to Brockwell Park or Lambeth following a withdrawal of the License application by Shane Collins at the Town Hall last night.
The charges of £9,000 for a a free community event for 5,000 people, plus the Council's requirement for the event to be fenced ( 1.2kms of fencing would cost another £9,000 ) has made the holding a a free events avery expensive affair.

This policy must have repercussions on thcurrentnt Events policy and the Environment department's target of raising £250k net from events.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TORIES RUNAWAY SUCCESS. ......... well its not what you think.

Clare Whelan writes to advise us that Carl Belgrove from the Conservative Group office at Lambeth completed the marathon in 4hours 20 mins and her stepdaughter in 3hours 51 mins.


Kate Newham a member of the Community Safety Team and co-ordinator for Herne Hill completed the London marathon in 4 hours 15 minutes. " The first 20 miles were a breeze and I really enjoyed it but the last 6, particularly the last 3 were hell on earth"
Kate has promises of £1,000 for her charity the Docklands Settlement.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Local election - prospective candidates statements


20th April 2006

A letter was sent from the Chair of the Herne Hill Forum to every candidate standing for election on 4th May 2006 in the Lambeth Herne Hill, Thurlow Park and Southwark Village Wards. It gave some background to the Herne Hill Forum and asked the candidate to answer the following:

“I would be grateful if you could make a statement as to what you would do, if elected, to ensure not just the continued financial and officer support of the Forum but to how you would ensure that it expanded and grew in the future.”

The replies received were either sent in via e-mail and included here identically as received or via letter and re-typed as per the original:

Lambeth - Herne Hill Ward

CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES – Lambeth – sent by John Whelan

I am replying as Election Agent for all 63 Conservative Candidates standing on May 4th in the Lambeth Council elections to your round robin letter of April 7th about the future of the Herne Hill Forum. On Page 13 of our election manifesto you will see a specific pledge:

"In our next term of office, we will give greater support to organisations such as the Herne Hill Forum and look at ways of strengthening local democracy in areas such as Upper Norwood."

We will be repeating and expanding on this specific commitment in our localised leaflets in Herne Hill and Thurlow Park. You can download our Manifesto at, but I will also send you a hard copy in the post.

This is how we will be developing that pledge:

We will ensure that a proper and agreed operating budget is delegated to the Herne Hill Forum.
We will negotiate for matched funding from the London Borough of Southwark.
We will ensure that all reasonable requests for attendance by senior officers and Executive Members are met.
We will continue the Project Board for the Herne Hill Junction Scheme.
We will consult Herne Hill Forum officers in advance about all major developments affecting the area.
We will ensure that performance monitoring information for Council services in the Herne Hill Area is made available to the Forum early enough for Forum members to make input.
We will ensure that the Forum is offered shared Web space on the proposed community portal being organised by Lambeth IT.
We will meet regularly at Executive level with the Forum officers.

If my Party forms a new coalition after the election I will regard this pledge as "non negotiable."

I have searched the other two principal parties' - Labour and the Liberal Democrats - Manifestoes but cannot find a specific reference in them to the Herne Hill Forum. Of the parties contesting Thurlow Park, I have only so far seen literature published by the UKIP Candidate. It makes no reference to the Herne Hill Forum. No doubt Labour and the Liberal Democrats will be round knocking on my door soon.

With thanks

Cllr John Whelan
Deputy Leader - Lambeth Council
Thurlow Park Councillor
Leader of the Conservative Group Lambeth Council
Phone: 0207 926 2213 (PA Carol

Peter O'Connell, LABOUR CANDIDATE for Herne Hill Ward

If a Labour majority is elected to Lambeth Council, I can guarantee not just continued financial and officer support for Herne Hill Forum but I would personally champion it expanding and growing in the future.

You will recall it was the current Labour councillors who supported residents, and local businesses, to set up the forum in the first place when Labour led the council in 1998-2002.

But ever since, while the Liberal Democrats and Tories have been running Lambeth, council support was disgracefully cut for Herne Hill Forum and other resident-led town centre fora. This withdrawal of council recognition for local people to have their say has hit hard.

It is noticeable how disreputable and tired the current council leaders' alternative power-structure now appears after instituting a bureaucratic and powerless Brixton Area Committee, which in fact excludes Herne Hill residents' first-hand involvement.

In contrast, Labour wants to put more control in the hands of local people to shape the place where they live and to change the things that matter to them.

Beside the Herne Hill Forum, a bigger say for residents and local businesses is under way in a community safety panel, for each ward, being given the power to decide the policing priorities for their locality every three months with the Safer Neighbourhood Police Team.

This first-ever opportunity, between local police and residents agreeing anti-crime objectives, will be backed up by a Labour council with cash to make this area of ours look more cared for. Local people would, therefore, be supported to ensure safety as well as their environment improves.

Labour will end the LibDem/Conservative practice that community engagement means simply telling people what is happening.

What the council rulers misunderstand is that leadership does not mean being at the forefront of every project or idea. Leadership can also mean having the ability to take the back seat or playing an enabling role in other ways.

Supporting local people who want a bigger say in their neighbourhood is championed by the Mayor of London and by the Government. It can work for the simple reason that this borough's strength is in the commitment of our communities, who want to live and work in a safer and more secure environment.

from Peter O'Connell, a Labour councillor for Herne Hill
in opposition to the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives running Lambeth Council since 2002

Kirsty McHugh –LABOUR CANDIDATE Herne Hill Ward

I'd be delighted if you would put on record my support for the forum, along with that of Jim Dickson and Peter O'Connell. I think you'll find all candidates for the local elections will say the same thing, but I think you have to look at the records of various parties in terms of whether you believe them!

It was Labour that originally invested in town centre management and the setting up of the forums, but it is completely down to local people that the Herne Hill Forum is the success it is. It's clear that officer/financial support for the Forums has been cut by the current Lib Dem/Tory Councils (inevitable party political point, but nonetheless true). If Labour were to win, it would not only reinstate that support, but look to enhance it and roll out/strengthen similar focums across the borough. We also have to put in a stronger connect between the forum's views and the Council's decision making processes. That's a weaker spot currently.

Frankly, with turnouts at local elections being so low, councillors have a diminishing local mandate. We have to invest in other ways to hear people's voices and let them take decisions that affect their own lives. If we don't do this, I think both the party system and the local government system are heading into disrepute.

The Herne Hill Forum is a model that is working well. Labour would support this, invest in it and learn from it across Lambeth.

Jim Dickson – LABOUR CANDIDATE – Herne Hill Ward

When the then Labour run council worked with Herne Hill residents to set up HHF in 1999 we ensured that council officer time and resources were made available to help run the forum and this worked well up to 2002. The decision that year of the new council to withdrew that funding and transfer it to councillors on area committees has meant that HHF has had to struggle to keep going.

A Labour run council would restore the funding needed by HHF and other local forums to thrive and develop. This would be a combination of direct grant funding to cover running costs and officer resources provided in-kind.

Shane Collins, George W. Graham, Rebecca Jandrell Thackray – GREEN PARTY Candidates for Herne Hill Ward.
Lambeth Green Party are absolutely committed to greater and more active community involvement in council policy. We believe that it lies at the very heart of good Borough stewardship and should inform everything that the council does. Working with groups like the Herne Hill Forum, ensures that there are constant lines of communication between the council and the people it represents. (Which is why Lambeth Green Party candidates standing in Herne Hill are actively involved with local groups*). Forums can only result in well-informed and rapid policy making decisions which truly reflect local opinion. As part of this commitment we would also set up new Forums up in areas that don't have them, as well as developing existing ones.
We would look into creative ways of financing the Herne Hill Forum and others. An agreed 'one-off' business payment for companies in the area whose yearly profits exceed a given limit may be an option (this means large chain stores and corporations would be expected to pay rather than small local businesses). Alternatively we could include a new payment as part of approving planning applications or look into sharing costs between the council and Forum members.
Full details of Lambeth Green Party policy can be found in our election manifesto available online at However highlighted points of interests to Herne Hill Forum members are listed below:
Strengthen Neighbourhood Forums. These should be more like neighbourhood community councils. They should have a role in decision-making, especially in issues regarding local neighbourhoods, environment, planning and budgets. They also need to involve a greater diversity of local people.
Encourage greater local participation in council activities (from leisure facilities to disability equality plans) by carrying out genuine consultation with the local community. This means circulating easy-to-read consultation papers, and having informal oral consultation through public meetings. It also means encouraging individuals and groups to come to Lambeth Council with their own proposals and for these proposals to be given serious consideration.
Consult with all community groups, not just those who are experienced in influencing the Council - recognising the diversity of the communities of Lambeth.
Pilot participatory budgets - where Lambeth's residents have direct participation in the setting of budget priorities and public spending plans.
Introduce a greater say for local communities over planning issues. Planning decisions should be made in the interests of local people, not the developers. Planning controls should be used for sustainable development that benefits Lambeth, with a greater democratic say for local people.
Enhance and support the Lambeth Youth Council initiative to give young people real influence over Council policies.
Lobby central government for the introduction of proportional representation as a means of reviving local government.

* Green Party Herne Hill candidate Becca Thackray is a member of Herne Hill Society, Brixton Society, Friends of Brockwell Park and Brixton Windmill.

No replies received from:

Malcolm Ian Baines – Liberal Democrat
Malgorzata Maria Baker – Liberal Democrat
Charlotte Parry – Liberal Democrat.

Thurlow Park Ward

Please see John Whelans reply on behalf of all Conservative candidates for Lambeth.

Andrew Thurburn – Liberal Democrats

Thank you for your letter of 7 April to council candidates.

I have always been a supporter of voluntary organisations such as yourselves and I was interested to read of the substantial progress you have made. It is very often the case that the sheer hard work that is put in by volunteers in an organisation like the Herne Hill Forum can produce excellent results.

If elected I would certainly look to continue the financial and officer support and, if possible, to increase it. Further investment in the work you do would, I’m sure, pay off in a way that other investment might not. As a Liberal democrat I am a firm believer that those on the ground know better the requirements needed to improve a local area, and I wish you the best for the future.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Thurburn

Robert Lambert – UKIP PARTY

Robert sent various communications either via letter or e-mail relating to the Herne Hill Forum.

My first priority is to stop any more urbanising the area. Look at Norwood Road, how many people are leaving the area, ‘To Let’, ‘For Sale’ signs. Including two of my friends; and probable voters.

AS a UKIP candidate, I have to make sure I do not promise too much, I do happen to want to bring some ‘credibility’ back to politics. Most of UKIP are ordinary people, and want to do a good job to show non-full time politicians can succeed. (We are not all ex Tories or ‘right wing’ or even have any affiliation).

I do not know how I can ‘guarantee’ an increase in members of the forum, that depends on the residents.

I think say a quarterly magazine like ‘Herne Hill Village’ a directory of shops, restaurants etc. services, advertising would bring in revenue; as would a tie up with London tourist office. ‘Home’ of John Ruskin, training HQ of William Booth founder of the Salvation Army. Site of 1948 cycling, Velodrome could all bring in revenue for H Hill forum.

Velodrome is on a website already, but selling space on your web pages, would be another idea. I/you could also apply for some lottery funding as a local ‘project’?

As I am keen on keeping council tax down, I would see where some of funding goes.

Maybe ‘Lambeth Life’ you could get column or so if that journal, distributed throughout the borough.

I think some of the forum, talking to local school children, would teach them to have appreciation or some loyalty to the area?

I hope these ideas are OK.

p.s. if elected I shall bring a fruit cake to the forum.

Via e-mail:

dear sir
another idea I would recommend fairly to advertise on cinema tickets,about 20 quid per 5000 to be correct phone premier rolls on 01923 677333.
eg they would advertise HHF at Ritzy Brixton to Streatham odeon.
i would like to promise free beer but i cannot!
whatever you do vote may 4 as David Milliband and cons,lib-dems serving on unelected regional assemblies are set to take over your town council by 2008.
all ze best
r.lambert ukip approved candidte thurlow park

my ideas for advertising herne hill forum include advertising in a magazine eg'herne hill village' which traders paid for advertising.another idea would be to use a firm called premier rolls;01923 677 333 which you could put your monika to catch a younger audience,at local cinemas ie ritzy brixton,streatham odeon,or even peckham multiplex.
You join a blog of societies all over England for people interested in local history.our area sol rohmer author of 'fu manchu' used Carnegie library, john ruskin lived at champion hill.Actor Sir Roger Moore lived in streatham and clapham.
'Streatham Guardian' offer free notices of societies,gigs.

No replies received from:

Anton Martin Baker – Liberal Democrat.
Alan Stuart Beadnall - Liberal Democrat
Sharon Elizabeth Erdman – Labour
Sheila Freedman – Green Party
Stela Esthera Gildea – Local Education Action By Parents
Mathew Martyn Parr – Labour
Paul Dominic Teverson – Labour

Southwark - Village Ward

Michelle Pearce, Kate Cinamon, Barbara Portwin - LABOUR

The Herne Hill Forum is unique, as far as we know. Michelle has been privileged to watch it evolve from its very early beginnings. Its great strength is the active commitment of residents and traders from Lambeth and Southwark who do not simply demand action from the authorities, but who tirelessly work as volunteers for solutions to problems in a way that is beyond the bureaucrats. Meetings regularly attract at least 100 people. All this ensures that councillors, officers and police from both Lambeth and Southwark attend regularly and take the Forum very seriously. The Forum has had many astonishing successes by working in partnership. Some involve persistence with resolving very local parking issues or securing environmental improvements. Its high-profile successes include saving Carnegie Library, saving the Brockwell Park Lido and - most ambitious of all - developing the comprehensive solution for many of the problems at the Herne Hill junction now accepted by Lambeth as the way ahead. This all takes a lot of time and energy, but people should not get discouraged. Solid achievement is almost always a slow process.

As long as it keeps its present character, the Herne Hill Forum has our full support. It is an innovative model that has potential for other campaigning community groups to follow. The key seems to be the modest no-strings-attached funding it has received from Lambeth and Southwark councils which has, to date, enabled the Forum to retain its integrity whilst being open to all (no membership subscriptions required), inclusive in nature and led by the grassroots. We want to ensure Southwark is firmly committed to continuing to provide this support.

Some increase in funding for the Forum itself may be appropriate so that more local people are aware of the Forum, what it is doing, where it is meeting and can get involved. It might be appropriate to give more funding so members can be re-imbursed for travel and phone expenses when they are working on behalf of the Forum. But going down the road of paying staff and/or fancy newsletters, if that is what is contemplated, could have unintended consequences and, actually, reduce the effectiveness of what currently exists. Councils might find themselves obliged by the District Auditor to impose conditions on funding that are more onerous, as happens to most organisations that receive regular funds from a council. We caution HHF to tread carefully so the Forum retains its full independence. Where the Forum wants to promote substantial new projects, these proposals will usually have to compete on their merits with demands from other parts of the relevant borough.

But the Herne Hill junction project is obviously vital to the well-being of this community. It is the top priority for Southwark residents who live in the Herne Hill area and we support it wholeheartedly. The agreed plans will sort out much of the traffic congestion, regenerate the Railton Road shopping area, improve safety of access to Herne Hill station and create safe places for pedestrians to cross to catch a bus or visit Brockwell Park. If elected, we would be glad to play a role on the Project Board and to do all we can, alongside Lambeth councillors, Tessa Jowell and Val Shawcross, to attract the investment this project needs. We will also strongly endeavour to ensure the Southwark-side Safer Neighbourhood Team, our community wardens, and our Environment and Traffic services work closely with their Lambeth counterparts so that the area receives the holistic treatment it requires.

Toby Eckersley – CONSERVATIVE on behalf of Robin Crookshank, Nick Vinealln and Toby Eckersley.

Thank you for your letter to all Village Ward candidates dated 7th April. I am replying on behalf of the Conservative candidates, Robin Crookshank, Nick Vineall and myself.

We are all very conscious of the unsatisfactory consequences of Herne Hill straddling the Lambeth/Southwark boundary, and of the valuable work the Herne Hill Forum does against that less than ideal background.

As you know, the Dulwich Community Council (which at the moment has a Conservative majority) has voted funds for two successive years in support of the Herne Hill Forum, and if elected we would lookl forward to receiving similar bids from the Forum in future years, for consideration alongside other eligible bids for such funding delegated to the Community Council.

If the Community Council is to continue such support, it is of course important that the powers and funding of Southwark’s community councils are not reduced: as you know, Labour’s “alternative budget” for 2006/07 would have cut Community Council funding. Our policy, by contrast, is prudent expansion of such powers and funding. We believe this represents a genuine commitment to “localism” and continuation of the moves in Southwark since 2002 towards a more healthy and vigorous local constitution.

On a more practical note, we will continue to attend Herne Hill Forum meetings whenever we can and intend that there should, at a minimum. Always be at least one Conservative Councillor from Village Ward at the Herne Hill Forum meetings.

No replies received from:

Jean Margaret Halden – Liberal Democrat
Ron Halden – Liberal Democrat
Ruth Gurden Jenkins – Green Party
Mark Jonathan Valladeres – Liberal Democrat
Lee Woodford – Green Party

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The above hyperlink is for the Thurlow Park Ward which covers part of Herne Hill.
There is no equivalent site for Southwark.


The extension of Southwark side controlled parking zone is now being marked out along with changes to some signage in the existing scheme.
The signage will be 1.2 metres high as in Stradella Road so it will be far less obtrusive. This will restore the appearance of Half Moon Lane bay markings.
signage will be removed from lamppost to a new low post setback at the rear of the pavements.
We have asked for the examination of the need for three posts outside 133/135
Half Moon Lane each only 8 metres apart.

The hours of operation of the schene will be 12-2 only thus releasing a lot of short term parking for visitors to the Herne Hill Centre. Southwark have sent a letter to all households and businesses .



Friday, April 21, 2006

13TH MAY 10AM-16.45

Many top speakers click above for full details

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Three charged with supplying come from Harrow, Barking and Thamesmead

Tuesday, April 18, 2006







Click below for BBC NEWS report


There is major tree cull going on in Brockwell Park to take out diseased trees. However this one came down last Thursday without any assistance, close to the pathway at the Lido. Fortunately without any consequence. Dave Paul, principal parks officer underlines the importance of this proramme. To some it may be severe. There was an incident on 3rd. Novemebr when a tree fell from the park boundary onto the bonnet of a car sitting in traffic in the Norwood Road .Only the car was damaged it could s0 easily have been a fatality.

Monday, April 17, 2006


So wrote a local resident 4th April about a crossing on the Norwood Road close to Brockwell Park Gardens. The resident wrote to Norwood residents Association The stretch of Road between Trinity Rise and Brockwell Park gardens is abused by drivers driving very fast. Risks are compounded by the fact that there are two crossings and a longish bend. A speed warning sign for southbound traffic has had some effect. However regular users intent on going fast realize it is only advisory
addendum 20th April- Susy tell me that work has just started on the instalation of a Toucan crossing.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Taken by Susy Hogarth this weekend in Brockwell Park.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Some 200 police officers took plart in a operation at THE FRIDGE night Club
in Brixton this evening(Saturday) Police said the raid was based on intelligence gathering over the last two months and 11 arrests were made for alleged offences involving CLASS A drugs.


photo credit Susy Hogarth


Yes for the first time in almost 200 years since it was built in 1813 the extranl brickwork has been cleaned as part of programme of repairs to public buildings in parks.
The Old Lodge at Norwood Gate is also to benefit from this programme along with the Temple.

Photo credit to Susy Hogarth


Instead of the plans to extend the buildings why not heat the water and put a sliding roof over the Lido to make it more viable. This is exactly what is happening with the
London Fields Lido due to reopen this July having been left derilict for 20 years.
It will have a 50 metre outdoor pool and a half million pounds bubble roof to keep swimmers warm during the winter and make it useable all year .


A fresh proposal has been put forward as part of the election campaign by the Conservative group in Lambeth to site the Academy in Millbrook Road/Wyck Gardens at the junction with Barrington Road. This would save several millions and obviously avoid resiting the dustcart site from Shakespeare Road.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Both Southwark and Lambeth have published the list of candidates for the local elections. as usual Lambeth's website wins for ease of access to information. On the home page click on the rhs relevant news item.
On Southwark use search engine on home page

There is a full list of 3 candidates from Libs Labs and Cons in Village and Herne Hill
wards. Greens are putting up three in Herne Hill Ward and 2 in Village.
Thurlow Park Ward which also covers part of Herne Hill have 3 candidates from Cons.Lab and Lib, 1 Green 1 Local Education Action by Parents, and i UK Independence .



Sunday, April 02, 2006


About 110 people gathered in the Half Moon Lane Baptist hall to hear presentation on Crime and Community Safety ,the proposals to relocate the dustcart services from Shakespeare to Milkwood Road.- the main soap box
item was the need for further traffic calming measures in Milkwood Road.
David Coughtrie gave an update on the Herne Hill Junction Improvement scheme. Confirmation the Lambeth have allocated a total of £1.5m to support a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for £4.5m to restore the parks beauty
A full report will be written once the minutes are finalised.
The minutes will be sent out to all on the emailgroup.


We are advised that part of the safety audit has already taken place.

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