Friday, March 30, 2007


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WALWORTH ROAD: From 0800 Monday 15 January until 1600 Monday 4 June, Routes 12 35 40 45 68 148 171 176 468 X68 N35 N68 N89 N171 and P5 will be subject to severe delays at times due to ongoing footway and carriageway works.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The 20th March SLP carries a report and picture of a small demonstration protesting against the plans to regenerate  the Herne Hill  Junction. We believe those protests to be misguided and based on misinformation.
The centre of Herne Hill is in serious need of improvement. The key to that improvement is the area in front o Brockwell Park.  This has become a notorious 'grot -spot', a cause of major traffic hold-ups, and a danger to pedestrians and cyclists.
For over four years , Lambeth Council, with the support of Southwark Council, has been working with local residents and traders to devise a scheme that will solve the junction's problems.  Together , we have developed plans that meet the needs and aspirations of residents, traders, public transport users and   BROCKWELL PARK.
It will open up the end of Railton Road to pedestrians, provide a proper link between the Park and the Junction; and Will be a springboard for the regeneration of the whole area.
To provide a narrow slip-road between Norwood Road and Dulwich Roads, a very small amount of land from around the Brockwell Park entrance has to be used. This is essential to free  up bus and other traffic movement, make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists and to provide and attractive and safe entrance to the Park.
The minimum possible are of the Park will be affected. It is currently taken up by broken tarmac, redundant walls, unsightly raised flower beds and a corner of the unused and unlocked toilet block.
Our proposals  have the support of local residents, traders and interest groups, as well as Lambeth and Southwark Councillors, Transport for London and English Heritage.
This is a unique opportunity to reverse the decline of Herne Hill centre ; and it must be allowed to go forward.
John Brunton on behalf of Herne Hill Forum
Cllr. Jim  Dickson  ( Labour, Herne Hill Ward)
Cllr. Rebecca Thackray ( Green,

Saturday, March 24, 2007

OXFAM/TOUR de France


Ann Jones from Oxfam is grateful for all the support for Herne Hill
Oxfam's first evening venture on Thursday (book event with wine).  It
went well and I think she said it raised £100 for Oxfam. (ANN JONES


Dear Councillor,

As you will probably be aware the Tour de France is coming through
Lambeth in July this year.

To celebrate the Tour coming to Lambeth, the council are running a
programme of associated events to promote cycling within the borough.
from April a specific webpage will be set up on the Lambeth website
providing more details on what Lambeth are offering to its residents.

If you have any questions on the Tour please do not hesitate to contact

Regards and best wishes


Dawn Haines
Transport Policy Manager
Transport Planning and Strategy
London Borough of Lambeth
* 020 7926 9003
* 020 7926 9001

Friday, March 16, 2007

brockwell park

Brockwell Park Management Advisory Committee

Brockwell Park MAC meeting 19th March 2007 @
The Community Hall, Cressingham Gardens Estate, Tulse Hill SW2
7.15 pm
  1. Welcome and apologies
  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
  1. Report from Land Use Consultants
    Aileen Shakell from LUC will report on plans for the second stage of the Bid. There will be some time for questions and discussion
  1. Reports and Updates
    1. HLF Bid  Project Steering Group progress
    2. Play
    3. Brockwell Community Events and the Five Parks Walk
  1. Resolutions
    Three resolutions have been circulated to MAC members for decision at this meeting on:
    1. The Norwood Road contractor site; (from the MAC EC)
    2. The Herne Hill Junction; (from the MAC EC)
    3. A resolution to the EC regarding a letter sent to Councillor Peck by the MAC EC (from Robert Holden).
      The text of these resolutions is attached.
  1. AOB


Dear MAC member
Please find attached an agenda for the meeting on Monday 19th March.
Also attached, the text of previously circulated resolutions and the minutes of the last meeting.

Directions to the meeting venue:
Vehicle access to Cressingham Gardens Estate is off Tulse Hill, on the Park side, roughly half-way between Athlone Road and Hillworth Road on the other side. Turn right immediately inside the estate. The Community Hall is a round building (you can see the roof) on the far side of a small open greenspace on the left. Foot access only from here and the entrance is straight ahead behind black railing/gates.
The road in the estate is one way so if you drive in you have to exit via Trinity Rise, otherwise park on Tulse Hill or in a side road.

Best wishes

Ann Kingsbury
MAC Secretary


Public Meeting
Who Cares About Central Brixton !
Unauthorised poor quality shop fronts and illegal over-scaled advertisement hoardings on scaffolding are holding back what would be a great town centre.
You are invited to the Brixton Town Centre Forum at the Karibu Centre, Gresham Road , SW9, on 26 March 2007, where this will be discussed with Lambeth's cabinet member for Planning, Cllr Paul McGlone.
Put your views across and find out what Lambeth is doing
Also on the agenda:
Brixton Town Centre Office would also like to remind you of the following event. A flyer is attached.
Communities First
Friday, 23 March 2007, 2pm – 5pm
England Suite
The Oval Conference Centre
Kennington Oval
Refreshments provided
Limited parking for disabled badge holders
Please find a flyer attached.
What really matters to you about the future of Lambeth? Come and have your say…
Communities First is an exciting new programme setting out changes in the way we work with the community and our partners. We need your help as the role of the community and voluntary sector is the key to the success of Communities First.
If you wish to attend this event, please RSVP by Friday 16 March to:
Andrew Fernandez, Lambeth Voluntary Action Council
Tel – 020 7737 9462 or Email –

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



We have reported on the impact on services in the Council's budget, one article base on information supplied by Age Concern and another based on an article by Lambeth's Labour group. We are grateful to Cllr Clare Whelan (Conservative) who has written the following .

Clare writes....

I think the report below on the Herne Hill forum website about the funding of community care services in the budget is a little one sided. It is true that the previous administration voted for a council tax freeze but it is worth noting that the Labour group at the time actually voted for an evet lower Council tax. It is also correct that there are massive pressures across London on community care budgets but it is not correct that the Council were forced change the criteria so that people with very severe community care needs would receive help and also to raise the costs of home care but a huge 120 percent. That was a choice the Labour administration made. They could, for example, have chosen not to raise their own allowances, or not to have so many communications officers, but they chose instead not to fully fund adult services for the elderly and vulnerable causing severe hardship to many who depend on the Council's help. (The Conservative Group put forward a legal, fully costed, budget proposal that would have avoided this.) It is also worth noting that the 'adjustment' you mention was yet another hidden financial blunder by previous Labour administrations that only recently surfaced and wiped out the reserves carefully built up by the previous administration.

Sorry to complain. Generally the website is an excellent source of information and I know you will be as keen as I am to ensure it maintains a reputation for impartiality.

with best wishes
Cllr Clare Whelan



Hi Everyone       
You will be pleased to hear that the Heathrow petition has been making good progress, but in the last few days that has slowed a little.
So firstly my thanks to all of you who have signed the petition, and particularly to those who have forwarded this email to others. If you have not, please do not be shy about doing so – just send it to everyone on your mailing list. REALLY I do mean everyone – you will be amazed that the most unexpected people email you back to say they have signed up, often people you have not heard from for sometime. And of course you do not have to be a Londoner to be concerned about the sheer stupidity of the government policy in this area.
You may be interested in the dynamics of such on-line petitions. For the first week or so the numbers who have signed up have doubled about every 4 days and we were thus on target to hit about 666,000 by the time the petition closes in early April. Reducing this doubling time to just 3 days would ensure we reached the magic million signatures which would really make the government sit up and take notice. And this is still possible provided we keep the momentum building. Once they have passed a certain critical point the numbers really grow quite rapidly.
Robert Cialdini, a psychology professor who specialises in the science of persuasion, was recently expounding his research findings on the key principles of motivating people into taking action. One of these is that "we are most likely to behave in a particular way if we believe that people like ourselves are doing the same". In other words people wait to see that they are backing a winner so you will be pleased to hear that the numbers have doubled, then doubled, then doubled again since I first emailed you.
One of the reasons that road pricing petition was so successful: it was picked up, commented on, publicised, and most importantly legitimised by several newspapers because clearly others were signing up. So you too can help us reach that critical point by being a leader rather than a follower by emailing all of your friends, and also if you have any sympathetic contacts in the media please encourage them to pick up on this Heathrow petition.
Let me refresh your memories as to what it is all about. Please seriously consider signing the "Stop Heathrow Expansion" petition for any of the following reasons
  1. To help reduce the increasing harmful atmospheric pollution from aviation
  2. To help reduce the significant loss of sleep to millions who live under the flight path to Heathrow
  3. To help reduce the risk of a major aviation disaster over London. In no other country in Europe do planes approach their major airport by flying over the most densely populated city centre
  4. To help improve the education of thousands of children whose school lies under the flight path and whose lessons are interrupted by the noise of an aircraft every 90 seconds
  5. To help improve the quality of life for millions who live under the flight path and suffer from noise blight both day and night
For those that are unaware of the extent of the misery caused by flights into Heathrow there was a sensitive article in The Times by their aviation correspondent, Ben Webster, a couple of days ago, see
where he also reminds us of the litany of broken promises by successive governments, of both parties, who have pledged repeatedly not to expand Heathrow any further, but then subsequently reneged. Unsurprisingly, unhappy residents are now taking direct action.
So please sign up NOW if you have not already done so, and also please forward this email NOW to as many people as possible, but using only he BCC option so that you do not display their email address to all and sundry.
All you need to do is
  1. Go to
  1. Complete the form and click on the SIGN button
  1. Respond to the confirming email that will be sent to you
And remember, please do it as soon as possible.
Thank you
Mike Colvin

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